Contacts Update / Vivid Account Signature Upload

As part of our efforts to improve our services and to better protect your personal data, it is important that our records of your contact details are accurate and up-to-date. In addition to allowing us to manage our relationship with you more effectively, this will also help to ensure that communications and information intended for you (e.g. payment advices and reminders) are accurately addressed.

We are also pleased to inform you that we are in the process of upgrading our IT system to improve your banking experience with us. One of the key features will be the ability to generate electronic statements and to communicate via SMS or such other messaging platform. To make this happen, you can now use Singpass to provide us with your latest, updated contact details. For customers who do not wish to use Singpass or who do not have SingPass, please download this form and mail it to us or visit any Singapura Finance customer centre for update.

Please note that the contact details will be automatically applied to all accounts with Singapura Finance and will be used as the primary communication with you.

For signature_sample account holder who is uploading signature, it is necessary to login via Singpass to enable us to authenticate the signature.

Thank you.